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Lost very friendly kitten

Last seen on Friday 22ND. He's about 4-5 months old. SUPER friendly. He is completely black, even his pads.Bat Kitty.

Adult Shih Tzu and mixed puppy

FREE TO GREAT HOME! Female Shih Tzu, 4 years old. Plus, white, 6 month old mixed breed female puppy. 912-234-7690

Female Terrier puppy wanted

WANTED TO BUY! Looking for silky Terrier. Preferably a puppy and female. Call Michelle, 912-655-5630

Cat - Free to loving home

FULL GROWN YOUNG CAT, orange and white. Free to loving home. Good with dogs. Likes to snuggle. Call 912-631-5683

SELLING A PET? $10/week

All Pet for Sale ads are NOW Only $10/wk! Savannah Pennysaver 912-238-2040

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